A Much Too Long Hiatus

I’m back, and I’m saying that loosely because as some of you know, just when you think you’re on track, life has a way of knocking you down again. When I took a break at the end of last year, it was for health reasons, and while I had hoped that would get better, it hasn’t. But regardless, I’ve decided I’m not gonna let it hold me back any longer. The hiatus is over, and I’m ready to get back to it!

So….. Blake’s Hope is FINALLY in the editing stages, and I’ve started a 4th book that I hadn’t anticipated, but I’m very excited and hope I can do it justice.

I look forward to getting back and promoting other authors , as well. I have missed each of you, and am thrilled to have kept up with most of you, either on the blog, or social media.

Happy Writing to you all, and it’s great to be “back”!



Blake’s Hope….official trailer is finally here!!

I’ve taken 6 months off for some much needed R & R, and now I think I’m finally ready to move forward! I’ve never understood why I give myself a deadline, as I almost never make it, but I needed the time away much more than I needed to release a book that wasn’t ready. I’m still a month or so out from release, but I was so excited about the trailer that I couldn’t wait! I’ve missed all my friends in the blogging world and it feels good to be back, and catch up! I have missed each and every one of you.

Blake’s Hope- Excerpt

As the story moves along, I’m growing more and more excited to share. One of my favorite things about writing is that I never really know where a story is going until I get there. This one has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It’s much darker than anything else I’ve written. It’s still a love story, but there is more action and suspense than usual. I’m loving it and I hope you will, too! Happy writing, friends! 

Phil Price Interview- Repost

Click the link below to read an excellent interview given by Phil Price on Mary Anne’s book blog. For a limited time, Phil’s book, Unknown, is free to download on Kindle. Get your copy and step into the world of the Unknown. (link below) A fabulous book by a tremendously talented author. Also, the sequel is coming soon so be sure to keep an eye out for it! 

Have a great week, everyone! 
Phil’s Interview with Mary Anne
Download your copy of Unknown


Every year across the world thousands of people disappear. Many return home safe and well. Some are never found. A select few end up far from home, harvested by two feuding brothers who need their blood. 

How on Earth can this happen? 

It doesn’t happen on Earth.
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