As a writer, you have to connect with your characters, as if they are real people. I have fought with them, felt sorry for them, cursed them and loved them. To me, they are like my children. I have molded them into who I want them to be and I have paved the pathway for them to journey down until they reach their happily-ever-after.

The hard part… separating yourself from your characters and your story in order to edit. My babies; my work, my thoughts, my feelings, the endless scenarios that go into perfecting their lives and outcome only to change it (or have an editor change it for me) is almost excruciating.  Distancing yourself enough to realize that there may be a better way is difficult.

All books need to be edited, I don’t care how long you’ve been writing. No one sits down at their computer, or typewriter, whatever the case may be, and delivers a perfect one-shot masterpiece. But I’m just wondering how other’s deal with the painful task of editing. I feel like even though the story line may not change, what I perceived to be a perfectly well-written, witty, snarky comeback needs to be different, whether simply re-worded, added to, or taken out completely. And then…. I feel almost empty. As if a piece of my well-rounded, ‘molded’ character is gone. Is that strange? Is there anyone who feels the same?

I’m rambling, I know, and this tidbit will not be edited, so please excuse any mistakes. Just food for thought. If there is anyone who has any ideas or solutions, please let me know!

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