Excerpt from Montana Sky

“I feel something for you that goes way beyond friendship. I know right now you’re still trying to get things together and I respect that. I’m not pushing for more than you can give me. But I do need you to know, to believe me when I tell you that I feel this, whatever this is between us, and it means something. I have felt more alive with you in three days than I can remember in a long time. It’s like I can’t breathe when you’re not around, I can’t focus or think about anything but you…”
I cut him off. I wanted to hear the words he was saying but I couldn’t. I felt the same as he did but I shouldn’t. I was the last person that Luke needed to get involved with. I was a danger to him, to his family and friends. I didn’t deserve his friendship and I sure didn’t deserve anything more than that, no matter how much I wanted it. I didn’t deserve him….period.

Montana Sky- available now at Amazon.com. 5 star reviews


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