Past relationships…


Old friends, acquaintances, first loves…they can all have a major impact on our lives and shape the people we become. Some in a negative way and some in a positive.
Mine has been positive. I’ve recently reconnected with someone that was once very dear to me. Still is. And I don’t think this person realized just how important they were or how much I have thought about them over the years. And I don’t have a reasonable explanation as to why things change; why we can’t stay, or why our life takes us in a different direction than where we want to be. I do know that change allows us to grow and experience things we might have missed otherwise, but it can also (sometimes) keep us front pursuing what may have been the best thing for us. We get scared when taking that leap of faith. I wish that I had been strong enough to stand on the edge of that cliff; on the precipice of what could have been dangerously and amazingly great, and scary all at the same time. And while we can’t live in the past, it’s nice to be able to look back and recall the fond memories that have stayed with us, and hopefully have impacted us so deeply that we’re all the better for it now. Maybe life’s just a little detour after all. Whatever the case may be for you, don’t discount old friends, mere acquaintances, or loving relationships. They’ve helped pave the pathway to the person you are and if nothing else, be thankful you knew someone so profound and wonderful that when you think of them you smile. You’re blessed.

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