Take a Chance

Sometimes it’s a struggle to put one foot in front of the other. The fear of the unknown can be down right scary and leave us stuck in a rut; or even a place that has become so comfortable that it’s now suffocating.
I never thought I’d be a writer. I never expected to publish my work. And it may or may not take off. Ever. But I also knew it could never take off if I didn’t try. Sometimes the things we fear the most can be our greatest blessings. Don’t hold back. You’ve got one life to live….. go do it!

One thought on “Take a Chance

  1. It is so true that you have to grab the brass ring when it comes around; sometimes it’s a one-time opportunity. Life is too short. We hear that all the time. But the reality didn’t hit me until the last couple of years when I realized the ring isn’t going to come back in my direction. I didn’t take chances or push for my dreams when I was young. And, yes, I had hopes and dreams that never came to fruition. No one knows about them but me. I am so proud that you living your dreams and taking chances. Grab hold and hang on for dear life. .


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