Excerpt from ‘Back To Me’ – Billy

There’s a note folded carefully and methodically in my wallet. It mocks me every time I sit down; every time I go to the bar to pay for a drink, that damn letter always stares back, just begging to be unfolded. Normally I can resist. I tell it to shut up and leave me the hell alone. But tonight? Well, tonight is different.
I’ve learned I’m not as strong as I once was. I used to be a tough guy because I had to be. I had survived brutal beatings and a gunshot wound that should’ve taken my life. I had survived drug rings and the nasty, filthy undercover assignments I’d been given. I had lived in the worst places imaginable with the lowest of the low. Then I left my job. I gave up everything. Everything but this damn note.
I unfold it carefully, so I don’t rip the worn paper. It’s been opened so many times, it’s a wonder it doesn’t unfold and refold itself. Thanks to my tears, the ink is smeared and blotchy; the words are melted together, making it almost impossible to read. There are fingerprints and sweat on these pages, and yet I still carry it around as if it’s a treasure; a priceless possession that’s worth millions. I suppose to me it is. It’s all I have left of her, of my angel.

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