Recommended reading…..

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend! 😊

Just a heads up….. I recently started reading a book (admittedly, I haven’t finished it yet), but the title is @dultery. Clever, huh? It’s extremely interesting and gave me a whole new perspective on infidelity from a man’s point of view. It’s hard to read at times, (because there’s a no-holds-barred element), but it’s incredible just the same. It really did shed light on a few things for me. 

Note: this book is a true story of the author’s life. Please, no attacks on his character! It follows his personal story of infidelity, love and loss. It is raw, real, ugly at times, and took a lot of courage to not only write it so unapologetically, but also guts to fight his way to having it published. Please recognize that we all fight battles….perhaps different ones, but battles nonetheless. Do not judge!

Click the link below to purchase!

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