Things I don’t understand

The list is growing daily, but one thing in particular that I just don’t get is the cruelty of people. I was raised being taught the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. It’s simple. Nothing complicated about it, and while I strive daily to be that person; the bigger person who lets things roll off her back, I oftentimes find that I’m overlooked, or dismissed. Taken advantage of on a daily basis. And when I do speak up, I’m put back into place quickly.

So I’ve been pondering this over the last few months. As the days and life have continued to pass me by; while I wait for justification, or an apology that will never come, I think about what I can do differently. If I should be different. An eye for and eye, and that sort of thing. Truth is, it’s not me. It’s not the person I want to become. And so I trudge along, realizing that I have the choice of letting this person(s) dictate my life and how I treat others, or I can continue on, keeping my nose to the grindstone, and do what I know is right, regardless of their selfish actions.

Don’t let others steal your happiness and your light. Don’t let the negativity of one, or a few, determine your self-worth, or how you conduct yourself. Continue to hold your head high and do the right thing. And if you lose this person(s) know that it’s their loss, not yours.

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