How it all began


People often ask me how it began. What caused me to want to become a writer. I’m not sure that writing was ever on my to-do list, but I’ve always loved to read. The desire to write grew over time, but this is how it all began….

It seems rather silly after all this time, (thirty + years, cough! cough!) but some things you never forget. My elementary school book fairs are no exception. I looked forward to it every year! Ms. Golden was our librarian (perfect name, I know!) and would always help me select the best books. Something about the vibrant colors, the smell of the pages, the endless possibilities; at such a young age I was captivated. I would go in with my crisp dollar bills, (they were much cheaper back then!) prepared to make my purchases. It was better than Christmas!

Amelia Bedelia. My mother and I have had this discussion for years. She thought I’d lost my mind when I mentioned it long ago, but I knew exactly what I was talking about. These Amelia Bedelia books were my favorite. It’s the first place I’d jot off to during the book fair. I know it’s impossible, but it seemed at the time that there were hundreds of them: all different titles just begging to be bought. I laughed at her antics and her silliness. Seriously, if you’ve never read Amelia Bedelia you should. You’re missing out! I read other books, too, of course and as I grew so did they. You move from picture books to chapter books and so on, but each one played an integral part.  Books make for an amazing imagination; something that can make you believe in a perfect world. A world of creativity and freedom, and where anything is possible!

My journey started years ago, but I’ll never forget Ms. Golden. How we would gather on the braided rug in the corner, snickering when she would read us these Amelia Bedelia books. Her animations and facial expressions would bring her to life every Friday afternoon in that library. It’s one of my most precious childhood memories and one that I thank God I had the opportunity to experience. It’s led me here to being a writer. That’s where it started.


2 thoughts on “How it all began

  1. I am happy that you have a good childhood memory about the book fair. Ms. Golden was an exceptionally nice person and she worked at the school numerous years. All of my children were touched by her presence. I’m sorry that I don’t remember Amelia Bedelia but I’m glad that she stayed with you.

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