Reviews…To read or not to read?

67c3c30549f0a67bec8b2611c2a7b0d2Reviews. They can be quite scary and intimidating. They can make or break you; make you want to leap for joy or sit in the corner and cry. I’ve experienced both.

One author said she never reads reviews….good or bad, but unfortunately I’m not built that way. Believe me I wish I were, but I can’t help myself. I’m not even too proud to admit that I check reviews daily, sometimes more than once. I wished I’d have listened to that other author.

If you are blessed to get good reviews or even rave reviews, which thankfully I have, you feel over the moon with happiness. Like nothing can stop you from reaching the top. Then you read a bad review or one that’s not as flattering as you’d hoped, and you think it’s the end of the world. That there’s no point in writing ever again because everyone hates your work. It’s a roller coaster of extreme highs and lows, but almost never an in-between. If we’re being honest I think every author feels that way.

I would say forget about those that dislike your book or those that leave a snarky remark, but let’s face it, that’s impossible. Those hurtful words sometimes stay with you more than the numerous compliments you’ve received. The total naked truth is you can’t just forget about the negative. Yes, your write for yourself and yes, you write because it’s what you love to do. But without readers and their opinions, there’d be no writers. There would be no point in us doing what we do.

Everything in life is a gamble and most assuredly will never go the way you expect a hundred percent of the time. But I just want to say you are awesome and if you’re a writer that just means you’re even more exceptional. Not a lot of people can do what we do; what we bleed in our hearts and minds until it’s finally on paper. You have to be tough; you have to keep your head held high and remember that for every one person who didn’t love your book, there’s ten others that did.

I keep the above saying over my desk. I read it quite often, especially on those days when I’m “checking those reviews”. I hope it will help you on your lowest of days, too,  when you need that little push. Keep your chin up and never let someone steal your love for writing. Keep doing what you were meant to do.

One thought on “Reviews…To read or not to read?

  1. Life’s like a bowl of chocolates. And not everyone likes chocolate. I’m imagining that for every bad review there are many, many positive ones that reader’s fail to leave.

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