Blake- Excerpt from “Blake’s Hope”

Release date mid-late 2016!BlakesHopeWebsiteUse


I sit and watch as cigar smoke filters through the room, swirling around me like a thick fog. Mistresses and prostitutes drape themselves over the shoulders of rich men, each hoping for a piece of the pie. The men look on with nothing but lust in their eyes. After all, money is everything and the girls are simply expendable. I’ve seen it before; runaways, girls with daddy issues, drug addicts. They’re all looking for a better life, but they don’t realize that better life doesn’t come with the glitz and glamour this place blinds you with. It’s not called sin city for nothin’. You’re replaceable as soon as a younger, hotter piece of ass comes sauntering towards her “better life”. Maybe they think they’ll be the lucky one, but no one’s lucky here. It’s all an illusion, just like the magic show down the street.

Hope is my only reason for being here. It’d taken me close to three months to figure out where she’d disappeared to and I wasn’t willing to waste another second without her. I wanted to kiss her; to press her into the wall of this dirty underground and cover her lips with mine. Once would never be enough, but nothing ever would be with her. I’d spent almost a year thinking about her, day and night. I’d nearly gotten myself killed, daydreaming of being inside her when I should’ve been thinking about the assignment. Taking Raul out had been priority number one, but even I didn’t give a shit about him anymore. All I wanted was Hope.


©Kelly Miles 2014




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