Be prepared… You’ve been warned!

I ran across this on Pintrest and while I would love to take the credit, I actually pulled it from another blog called One Word At A Time, written by Athena. I follow her and she’s incredibly talented so check her out! Included in this little  jewel are questions to ponder when asked “why should I read your book?” or “what makes your book special?”. I, too, have been faced with these impromptu questions and it stops me dead in my tracks every time. Literally, I look like a deer caught in headlights. It’s frightening. If being asked a question online I handle it fairly well. You have time to compose yourself and think through an acceptable answer. Face to face it’s more um, um, um’s than intelligent conversation, and I know I’ve just blown any chance of being taken seriously. Anyhow, think through the questions carefully so when you’re put on the spot it’s not too uncomfortable. Hope it helps!


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