Some of you may remember Johnny from my post the other day. If you don’t, here he is again and again, you’re welcome! So I’ve been thinking about his book “Tormented”, all whilst still working on Blake’s Hope. It’s difficult because the two are becoming jumbled, but I promise Blake’s Hope will release first since it’s the conclustion of the series. Anyhow, I don’t want to give too much away, but thought I’d give you a glimpse. Short synopsis follows:

Johnny. He’s a good guy. A man’s man. An agent sworn to uphold the law and abide by the rules, but things haven’t always been this way. His adolescence was spent trying to please his demanding and corrupt father. Underground fighting, money and girls were just the tip of the ice berg. Deep down he knew he really wasn’t any better than the scum he’d taken out, but he’d vowed to avenge his mother’s death and this was the only way. By taking out the ones who’d harmed her. Going back into the world of illegal fighting was dangerous, especially knowing all too well what kind of men were involved and what his backgound had taught him. Will Johnny be able to find redemption for his many sins, or will the underground take him once and for all? “Tormented” ~ 2017
©Kelly Miles 2014

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