To Be Clear…


I was approached recently, asking if I felt like a writer, or if I were one. It wasn’t in a negative way, mind you, just a curiousness.  I was also just asked this in a comment by a friend/follower (Noor Elhayat :)), which I appreciate. I will never tire of the question because I think more people need to hear the answer!  The best response I could muster was this:

Many feel if you have yet to win accolades or have your name appear on a bestseller list, you are unworthy of such a title as “writer”. My response? If you sit and write with an unrelenting fervor; a true passion that you cannot ignore, then by definition, you are a writer.

I’ve had this discussion more than once, whether on my posts, comments or some other form of social media away from my blog. If you are among those who question your talent because of such drivel, please just stop. Self-doubt will kill your dreams quickly, but so will listening to the opinions of others, especially when there is no basis for those said opinions. True, some writers are better than others. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. The important thing is to make your specialty shine. YOU are a writer! Go do your thing!

*As an amendment I would like to add, by NO MEANS am I saying you shouldn’t strive for awards and recognition. I would be beyond ecstatic if that were to happen to me, or to any one of you! I’m simply saying don’t make that your main focus!! Best of luck to us all!


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