Another excerpt from Back To Me….

Another excerpt from BACK TO ME! 

I don’t eat and I don’t sleep. I drink. The bottom of a bottle is the only way I can get through the endless days and nights. It’s the only thing that keeps my mind from going back to a happier time; a time that’s filled with such wonderful memories, they’re too painful to even recall. It’s too hard to sit and reflect on all I’ve lost, what I’ve given up for this life, only to be left with the monster I’ve become. 

 I’m a liar. I have to be to do my job. At least that’s what I tell myself. Honestly, I think it’s just who I am. It’s in my nature, in my DNA, and I can’t stop it. I lie to cover my tracks, to keep people from seeing the real me. I think I even lie to hide the truth from myself because it hurts too damn much.
©Kelly Miles 2014

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