I really don’t have anything of value to share today. No words of wisdom, or writing tips. I’m sure you’re all tired of those anyway.

I’m sick. So sick that even my bones hurt, so I will keep this brief. In my hiatus from writing/blogging and pretty much anything else that makes me feel human and worthwhile, I decided that today I would catch up on all of your blog posts. It’s been several days and I was beginning to feel horrible about abandoning you. So… I swiped all the Kleenex off my trusty computer, logged on and read all of your wonderful posts and stories.

I just want to say…. I am so new to this blogging community that most days I’m lucky to even have a clue as to what I’m doing. But you? I am amazed at the writing talent I see when I read through your posts. Truly, I am in awe of some of you. Thank you for enriching my writing, my vocabulary and my world with your words. I sincerely mean that. I am amongst real writers, extremely insane talent, true support and I think overall in general just truly superb people.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Stay well and happy writing!


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