I Miss My Blog!

So…. I’m still very sick, but luckily I’ve had my little sidekick with me. This is an older picture, of course. I didn’t dare put up a photo of what I look like now. It’s gross. Have you ever been so sick that your hair actually hurt? Yeah, it’s that bad. And because of the whole heart failure thing, I can’t take the medicine they would normally give a person in my predicament, so I just have to wait it out. At least I’m in good company!

Anyhow, I miss interacting with all of you. Several of you have sent me get well wishes and cyber hugs, and it means the world. We’re practically strangers, and yet I consider you all my friends! 

Keep up the awesome writing. I’m truly enjoying reading your posts, at least when I can hold my eyes open. Maybe by next week I’ll have some words of wisdom to share!! Xo


23 thoughts on “I Miss My Blog!

    • Thank you, love. I enjoy it, too. Honestly, if I had the energy I’d throw a temper-tantrum!! I’m bored out of my mind just lying around all day, yet it’s all I can manage. I’m usually very active, bouncing from here to there. However, my husband caught me washing dishes today, so I’m fairly certain I’ll be on lockdown tomorrow. Lol!

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re not well Kelly.
    Have had the hair hurting thing! I mean how is it possible? It’s made up of dead skin cells, how can it hurt? But it does. It felt like being poisoned to me, like some Borgia drama. I know it’s draining and frustrating and overwhelmingly tiring at the moment, but it will pass. Take care x

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  2. Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear of your illness. I had just discovered your blog. Perhaps all of us who will be missing you during your recovery could go back and peruse your older posts. No doubt there is much to be read and appreciate there. Warm cyber hugs and thoughts from the south of France.

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    • Aww, well get well to you, too!! My husband was nice enough to pass this on to me, so now we’re not speaking! (Kidding, but I have thought about it!!) great to connect and thank you for your kind words. Feel better soon, yourself! Xo


  3. Painful hair sounds awful, I found you where this was re blogged @anitajanedawes and I am pleased to virtually meet you. I wish you well and maybe when you are off lock down 😨😱you will find the pen and or keyboard your solace once again.

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