Feature Friday- Author Harvey Jones


***I do not endorse, nor am I affiliated with any of the following authors. Their works are their own and my opinions have no basis on any author featured. The sole purpose is to connect writers and readers who may have similar interests. Please be respectful of all authors featured and as always, please feel free to share.***


Good morning, one and all! Today’s featured author(s) is Harvey Jones, or rather these two lovely ladies who use the clever pen name. Their latest release, “Hook Up“, can be found on Amazon.com (links are below) and they have also released the sequel, “Legacies“, which is an erotic romance with a message of love and acceptance for all, published by Rowanvale Books. Please check them out if you should feel so inclined. Happy reading and writing!


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About the Authors

Harvey Jones is the pen name of Jan Harvey and Sian Jones. Both women were born in Wales and live in Barry. Jan is an experienced and well-respected professional carer and has two grown up children, and Sian is an English teacher and a single mother to her grown up son. They like nothing better than taking in the natural beauty of the Welsh countryside and visiting the local beaches. Indeed, Wales has inspired their writing and serves as the setting for their novel, Hook Up, and its upcoming sequel, Legacies. As mature women with a lot of life experience, they relished the opportunity to explore something different and enter the world of writing novels.

Author Interview

1- How long have you known you wanted to be a writer? I never imagined writing a book until I read Fifty Shades of Grey, and I just thought ‘why not try?’.  As we went for coffee I told Sian what I was going to write about and she wanted to help. That was just under two years ago.

2- What novels/works have you released and what are you working on now? Hook Up’ and ‘Legacies’ have been released, and we are working on ‘Sirens’, which is  a collection of short stories and poems. I’m also working on my autobiography, ‘Fat, Loud and Proud’.

3- Do you have any tips for other authors who are just starting out? Yes, join Books Go Social and get as much help as you can. Research your work and go for it! Most of all, enjoy it.

4- Is there anyone who has influenced your writing? I’m a lover of J.K. Rowling and the fact she wrote in a café in her spare time.

5- Any favorite authors or quotes? J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown. I’m a fan of talking plus some fabulous authors on Books Go Social. 

6- Tell us a little about yourself…. Well, we are a pair of large, loveable, crazy ladies who just want to enjoy our later years and try new experiences. We love meeting people of all ages, etc., and chatting over a coffee, or two. We also enjoy taking my dog, Connie, out for walks and chilling out!

Some reviews of Harvey Jones’ Book- “Hook Up

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

By Amazon Customer on 15 Oct. 2015

Format: Paperback

This book is usually the type of book i avoid. However upon starting reading i could not put it down. Unlike other books in the similar genres, this book has an underline message of love and acceptance in the modern world. The saucy parts are well written and believable, and there is no question about consent lingering. To put it simply, this tale is about discovering who you are and being accepted for being that person. This book may just open your eyes to some things and hopefully will make you go out and live, laugh and love too.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

By Amazon Customer on 31 Aug. 2015

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Different to my usual read. A lovely book well and sensitively written. Hard to put it down once I started it ! Shows great friendships and mutual respect. Awaiting the follow up please !
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