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Since Friday is coming quickly, or for some of you may already be here, I wanted to remind everyone that for today only, my latest release will be free at Amazon.com. And in the interest of ‘Friday’s Featured Author’ I thought I might as well promote myself as well! A few reviews are posted below as well as the link if you’d like to get your free copy. Thank you my beautiful blogging family!


Click here to get your FREE copy of Back To Me

Format: Kindle Edition

I loved it! I love how Billy loved Heather. Heather annoyed me a bit but I liked her. I can’t wait to read Blake’s book!


Format: Paperback

I really enjoyed Back To Me, especially how the characters move through difficult situations and make the best of them. I suppose this is a stand alone novel, but I think readers would enjoy reading the series. The first book, Montana Sky, was released in 2014 and the author, Kelly Miles, is writing another to be released this year. I am excited to see how the stories play out.


Format: Kindle Edition

I absolutely love this book. The first book was great but this one is even better! I am so hooked that I have almost been late from lunch at work because I just need to know what happens next! Can’t wait for book 3!!


Billy is alone, but he’s used to it. More than that, he’s content with the way things are. After being shot in an undercover sting gone wrong, the woman he loved left him in the hospital, fighting for his life. It left him an empty shell of a man and he no longer wants the responsibility of looking after anyone; he’s barely looking after himself. Alcohol is the only thing he’s interested in these days, that is until Blake, his old FBI partner shows up unexpectedly. 

Heather doesn’t want to be saved by anyone, including Billy Willis. She’s just fine being on her own. She was a fighter, after all, living the last six years trying to outrun the one mistake that cost her everything. When Billy shows up out of the blue, she’s once again forced to face the pain that still threatens to rip her apart.  

Billy’s involvement with the FBI had always been a dangerous job, making the decision to walk away easy. However, when Heather’s life is in on the line, he has no choice but to go back. He’s doing it for redemption; redemption for all the damage he’s caused and the monster he’s become. He’s risking his life to avenge Heather, but will it all come crashing down this time, solidifying their end once and for all?



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