Is writing a lonely pursuit? #amwriting

An excellent and thought provoking question. I’ve always said writing is a lonely existence, but this makes me rethink that perspective. When writing, yes, I’m alone. I can’t work with the distractions of everyday life. However, with my characters, who any writer will tell you are as real as anyone else, I’m never truly alone and I like the thought of that. Excellent piece. Thank you, Georgina, for bringing this to light, and Kim for reposting.

G.L. Cromarty

Most people who write do so alone. Yes, it’s possible to write sitting in a coffee shop, and in the midst of bustling venues of all kinds, but often, we don’t. Fundamentally, writing is about our innermost thoughts going down onto paper (or its electronic equivalent).

When we write, we step into our head and out of our body, to a place where the real world fades and imagination runs wild.

For all that, writing is not a lonely occupation; at least, it doesn’t feel like one to me. When we write, we become lost in another dimension that is rich with life and people. We step outside the ordinary and seek the extraordinary.

I often wonder at that perception that writers must be lonely; a view perpetuated by many writers themselves through their quotes and comments and interviews.

For me, there is a great difference between being alone and being lonely

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6 thoughts on “Is writing a lonely pursuit? #amwriting

  1. In some ways, writing is a lonely pursuit, and sometimes I like it that way. 🙂 I think when it feels especially lonely when there aren’t other teammates or associates to share the burden or responsibility when things aren’t going well. That’s why having supportive writing friends like you is a godsend!

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    • Another good point, Eve. I think there’s multiple ways to look at it. I kind of like having my characters all to myself for a while, which in a way is lonely because obviously they can’t talk back. The day they do, I’m in big trouble. LOL. When things aren’t going well, it’s imperative you have that support and someone to pull you off the ledge, and in that instance I definitely think only another writer can fully understand what it’s like. It is a godsend, having that support and I’m thankful for you and all the other wonderful bloggers/ writers I’ve connected with. 🙂

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  2. I write in solitude–until I do beta swaps. Getting the feedback of other writers has improved my work far more than I ever could alone. Sometimes you just need another perspective.

    I don’t feel lonely when I write. It’s more like I’m spending time with my characters. 🙂

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