Author Lanie Jacobs- Amaranthine (Willow Shadows Book 1)

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I have met so many wonderful people and fellow authors since I started my journey of writing years ago. Lanie Jacobs is no exception. She’s funny, witty, kind, and of course beautiful! She also happens to be an amazing author, with her debut novel ‘Amaranthine’, rated at 5 stars. Please check her out and support her by following, sharing, and of course, buying a copy of her book! I already have a copy for myself! Links are below!

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Synopsis: With Graduation only weeks away, Khalida’s normal everyday boring life is turned upside down. Never knowing her past, Khalida is thrown into a world of vampires, but not just any vampires, ones who will hunt to the end to kill her. Luke, a boy whom she could never completely walk away from, and an ex-boyfriend who won’t leave her alone, is thrust into the chaos. Though Luke would take on the world to save her, can he help save Khalida from herself?


5 out of 5 stars Come to Willow Shadows… You will not be disappointed! By Rya S. Henderson on December 19, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Absolutely amazing! The prologue alone, is better than any Vampire based HBO show. Very easy to read, and exciting from the first page. Please get Amaranthine for your reader, reluctant reader, your tweens, or anyone a little bit Vampiry!

Format: Kindle Edition

A very different start to this Vampire love story which went from strength to strength. There were also some unexpected twists when the evil doers are unmasked one by one. The story is a mix of amazingly hot interactions between Khalida and Luke and a rollercoaster of action all the way through. It was a stroke of genius, the identity of the growling monster (who of us hasn’t imagined their sibling in such a way!).

The heroine went from being a scared and insecure teenager to a strong and capable heroine as she learned her new abilities. It’s always nice to come across a heroine who can hold her own and not crouch whimpering behind the strong, georgeous hero, although Luke fits that part well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to all paranormal/vampire lovers.

Format: Kindle Edition

Let’s welcome another great addition to authors writing about the paranormal. Always nice to find yet another author I look forward to read more from.

Lanie has a very pleasant writing style that reads with ease. The pacing is spot on. Unlike some odd glorification of teen vampires, this one seems a little bit more “realistic”, as much as you can be realistic with the paranormal. It is not necessarily a new twist to the subject, but does have some nice new aspects and definitely deserves its spot in the ranks of vampire books. The plot is intricate and leaves you guessing until the end, and even then you wonder …..

Khalida, now where to begin. I admit I didn’t really care for her much in the beginning of the book. She has no common sense, has a serious listening problem and just comes across as a spoiled brat. There were numerous times where I just want to shake some sense into her. I guess she had some good intentions, but if she would just think things through sometimes things would go easier for everyone. I hope she learnt that lesson. I know it is difficult for some teens to “think before doing” but some of the instances, oh my. But it does speak for the author to be able to elicit such feelings from their readers about one of their characters.

Now Luke on the other hand is absolutely adorable!!!! I couldn’t get enough of him and he had a nice mix of levelheadedness as well as still being a teen. The villains in this book are also a perfect addition to the mix and well thought through. Some of the character changes were sad.

All in all this was an excellent book and I can only recommend it to people who enjoy a good vampire story. The plot had some nice twists, and some that I probably should have guessed, but didn’t. That is because they were executed perfectly leading you to the information when the author wanted you to have it.

I look forward to read much more from this promising author.

I have received this book from the author for an honest review.




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