Friday Featured Author- Kellie Steele

***I do not endorse, nor am I affiliated with any of the following authors. Their works are their own and my opinions have no basis on any author featured. The sole purpose is to connect authors and readers who may have similar interests. Please be respectful of all authors featured and as always, please feel free to share!***


Happy Friday, all! Hope the week has treated you well. As you know, Friday’s are the day of the week I’ve chosen to spotlight new(er) indie authors. Today I’d like to introduce Kellie Steele. All of her links are included so please click away and follow should you so choose, and as always, feel free to share!


I am a new writer from North Yorkshire. I have always loved reading books, my favorites being Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games and anything written by Darren Shan.
I started writing books in about 2013, but could not get past about half way through the book, until I started writing White Ghost and the Poison Arrow. It almost seemed like it was writing its self. Arella was talking to me, telling me what would happen next, and the book was born. I am now in the process of writing book number two (White Ghost and the Red Wolf) which seems to be even easier to write. The characters in these books are talking to me, and it is like they are alive. I hope others will feel the same passion for my books as I do, and love the characters as much as me.I have idea’s for a lot more books once I have finished with the White Ghost series. These include a Vampire series and also a post apocalyptic zombies book, as well as others still to be decided on.


Book Synopsis:

Arella is an outcast in her tribe, white skinned and silver haired, bright purple eyes and a strong will, while the others are dark skinned and passive. She longs to be free of the chains of society, but does not realize the dangers of this. Arella will soon come to find that the real world is not so easy to live with… When she starts finding animals in the forest poisoned by arrows, she knows she must do something, but what? Will she find who is doing it? And will she be able to stop them without losing her own life…?

Reviews of ‘White Ghost and the Poison Arrow’

“White Ghost and the Poison Arrow” is an adventurous and imaginative read that allows one to skip television altogether! 6 Jan. 2016

By Valerie Ann Bruce Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Perhaps you know what it’s like to be the scapegoat, or the one people blame because things go wrong. Maybe you know what it’s like to fend for yourself because nobody cares enough to do all that much for you. Well, Arella knows full well what you’ve been through. Where she comes from, “The men will not let her join them because she is a girl, and the women will not let her join them because she is different.” At the cusp of maturity this hero is entrusted with an unusual gift. All the while, “invisible hands” guide Arella on a path to right some wrongs. This story is poetic, imaginative, and worthy to replace your television viewing. You will be carried away by this tale with a tribal twist, especially if you love all things nature. It’s pretty important to bring along your imagination, as a compliment to Kellie Stelle’s wonderful talent for bringing settings alive. I read this on a cold winter day, and the main character (Arella) had a spirit that warmed my heart.


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