Friday Feature- Author Jack Kregas

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Hello, my lovely friends in the blogging world. Today’s featured author is Jack Kregas. Links are below if you’d like to follow, buy, and of course share his books! Have a fabulous weekend and happy writing!

Jack Kregas was born in New England in the North East of the United States. After a stint in the US Army, he was discharged in Europe and the next forty years were spent skiing and living life to the max as well as creating several successful businesses.

Winters in the Alps and summers windsurfing on Maui, Jack departed Switzerland for Maui full time with his Australian wife and small daughter. After five years he moved the family to Australia and became an Australian Citizen.

Jack now lives in Brisbane. He plays golf and travels much of the year to play in poker tournaments, his hobby of the last ten years. At present he has finished his first novel, CHOICE CRUISE LINES, that is now available.

He is now working on book two of this autobiography: It’s Not Only About Me:

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Autobiography- Synopsis:
Affirming a conscious decision to really live life, Jack risks all for adventure, sex and an addiction to skiing. At the same time he maintains the ability to create very successful businesses while engaging in scandalous behavior. It reads like fiction until the reader realizes it’s true. A book of a life many would like to live but most will only read about. Honestly written based on memories with over forty photos and comments by those who were involved.

Reviews of ‘It’s All About Me & A Few Others’

An Incredible Read By carson levit on August 27, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This book was the single most entertaining book I have ever read. It seemed like fiction because the stories were so outrageous but I believe them to be true and reading about them was to live them vicariously. This book combines the adventures of Walter Mitty with James Bond and the life and times of Mr. Kregas is more entertaining than anybody I have ever read about. I think readers will really like it.

By Anthony on October 7, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

The old saying goes: “you only live once”. Everyone has their own view on this should be interpreted but this book certainly epitomises the concept of living your life your own way without regret and challenging the traditional train of thought as to how life should be lived. “Birth, school, find job, meet girl, have children, retire and die”… often with regret for things people wished they achieved but didn’t. Jack takes this traditional concept of life and throws it in the rubbish and lived his life by his choice alone and thus, an extremely refreshing point of view on life in general. A must read.




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