Friday’s Feature- Author Cameron J. Quinn

***I do not endorse, nor am I affiliated with any of the following authors. Their works are their own and my opinions have no basis on the author featured. The purpose is to connect writers and readers who may have similar interests. Please be respectful of all authors featured and as always, please feel free to share.***

12003964_883564725093302_7312171841482397792_nWith so much going on in my life, I goofed and missed last weeks author. I apologized profusely and hope to feature him in the coming weeks. Today, however, I’m introducing you to Author Cameron J. Quinn. A lovely lady with quite a few novels under her belt. Hope you enjoy. As always, share, support and help other indie authors out! Have a fabulous weekend!


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Cameron’s Bio:

Cameron Quinn is an author of Paranormal Romance, Horror, Urban Fantasy, and Thriller genres. THE STARSBORO CHRONICLES, a series of ten Urban Fantasy novelettes (she didn’t know it was thing either until her editor told her) will be released in episodes starting in January of 2016.

She works as the Head of Marketing at Amphibian Press; a small press dedicated to helping independent authors navigate the publishing ocean.

Her home is in central New England with her husband, two young sons, and too many animals to mention, but she hopes to travel a bit before truly settling down.













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