Branding Yourself as an Author

I’ve never really thought about this until I read this fabulous blog post, guest posted by Nichole Severn. When people ask “what I do”, my first response is always to say “I’m a mom” or “I’m a housewife”. And while those things are certainly true and never-ending, I’m also an author. And I always fail to mention that. 

There is some great advice in this article about branding yourself and ways to stand out to readers. Hope it helps you on your journey to becoming an author, or if you already are one, that it helps grow your target audience. Click link to be redirected! 

Branding Yourself as an Author
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Creative and Free Ways to Advertise Your Book

We all know self-publishing is not only a daunting task, but also an expensive one. However, you have to market, market, market if you have any hope of people discovering your work. Here are some examples of free advertising to get you started. Most of these we already know about, but if you’re new to the game, hopefully these will be of help to you! Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 

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Friday Feature- Anna H.

***I do not endorse, nor am I affiliated with any of the following authors. Their works are their own and my opinions have no basis on the author featured. The purpose is to connect writers and readers who may have similar interests. Please be respectful of all authors featured and as always, please feel free to share.***

Hi guys! Another few stressful weeks here, but at least this time I didn’t forget my featured author/blogger. Lol! Hope you all have had a great week and cheers for an even better weekend! Updates are coming soon, as well as a few more excerpts from Blake’s Hope! 

To understand Anna even more, here is a snippet of what she sent. Authors, it is so important to lift one another up. This business is hard enough as it is. I would much rather someone else get the attention and the spotlight, and as such I endeavor to help any way I can. I’m in competition with no one and it simply amazes me those who have no qualms about pushing others aside to get ahead. Be kind. Be thougtful. And be supportive any time the opportunity presents itself. I promise you will get it back ten fold. XX

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In Anna’s own words! I love her spunk!!

Anna- “These are a lot of important blogs I’m sharing with you. Just to let you know, I am a 1-woman show and turn no profit off these blogs. Some adult viewers may be intimidated by my inflection because I am uncensored, opinionated, sarcastic, and can be very blunt.

It has been extremely hard these last 3 years trying to rebuild an audience, after The Xanga Team re-branded their own blogging community, Xanga. After making it a requirement for everyone to pay to blog on Xanga, while hosting it on WordPress, it caused a huge divide among bloggers. 

It led to friends and subscribers going their separate ways. Most Xangans became discouraged and quit blogging completely.

I was 1 of Xanga’s top bloggers and shared numerous links to other free blogging platforms. However, most Xangans did nothing except nit pick and make excuses for why they disliked each blogging site. Long story short, I have been going it alone for these last 3 years.

You have no idea the amount of blogging communities and social media sites I have joined over the years. Because I created my own website with a website builder, other people have done a number of things. 

Some refuse to share and support the blogs on my website YET they always want favors. Some are opportunistic copycat bloggers. 

Meanwhile, there are others, who act indifferent, standoffish, and/silently begrudge me for simply having my own website. Because it’s not THEIR content and because it’s not them, they don’t care anymore. It’s mostly pettiness.”

Anna’s Blog/website



Restrictions of horror page
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Song Saturday’s and Cartoon Sunday’s 

Blake’s Hope 

A heated fight ensued and the next thing I knew, he had me pinned against the wall, trapping me with his arms. Never had I feared him. Not until now. But the point when I expected him to hit me, he instead leaned in and kissed me. He kissed me like it was the first time and the last. As if we’d not done this a thousand times before. When he caught his breath , he whispered against my lips. “Don’t ever be mad with me. Don’t ever get angry with me again. Not when I’m trying to save you. Not when I’m so in love with you.” 
Blake’s Hope 2016

© Kelly Miles 


Excerpt: Blake’s  Hope Fall 2016

Cold metal shackles dig into my flesh. My ankles are bound, as well as my wrists which are hanging over my head. With every movement, they dig further and further into my skin, leaving welts in their wake. Possibly even blood, though I can’t be certain. The cold cinder block is unforgiving. It’s wet and cold from the rain that has seeped in through the cracks. As I struggle to free my limbs, my naked flesh rakes against the  harsh surface, causing me to wince in pain. The blackness is all encompassing, but I don’t need my sight to know I’m in hell. This damn, musty dungeon is only the beginning of my punishment. The putrid stench of death invades my senses and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I’m not the first person that’s been here. And I surely won’t be the last.

Raul had sent Jax after me. For revenge. For Blake. For Johnny. For being put in his place. Raul didn’t take well to being second-best. He sure as hell didn’t like to be embarrassed and that’s exactly what he was. Blake and Johnny had shown him up. They’d exposed his cowardliness, and I was about to pay the price.

I let my thoughts drift to Blake. It’s all I can do. He’s the only hope I have. Part of me wants him to come. I want to be rescued. The other part of me hopes he stays away. Even if it means my end, and it surely does. But I love him more. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him, and that includes dying. I finally give in, letting my head fall forward. Giving into the pain; the blackness. And the end.

Kelly Miles ©